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Connext is building the future of value transfer on the internet.

We believe in the power of decentralized networks to transform finance and put value back into the hands of individuals. We think this becomes possible when everyday users can exchange value effortlessly between disparate cryptosystems.


We're a small, technical team working at the confluence of distributed systems, game theory, and cryptography. We're funded by grants from the Ethereum Foundation and backed by some of the top investors in the space, including Polychain CapitalConsensys Ventures1kx, and others.

We look for candidates with creativity, strong communication skills, self-motivation, and empathy for user needs. We hire for growth potential over existing expertise, though we certainly love it when you bring both to the table.

We're a fully remote and distributed project, with team and community members all over the globe.


🌎 Openness - we embody the open source ethos from the ground up. We welcome team and community members of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, orientations, and from all jurisdictions.

✊ Integrity - we act on our principles, speak up when something is unjust or not right, and always stand up for what we believe in.

🏃 Focused action - we don't just talk about things, we are accountable, we ship things. We ruthlessly prioritize the most critical tasks and execute them day after day, both independently and as a team.

🔍 Deep thinking -  we do not take things at face value, we are curious and ask questions. Regardless of what the topic is, we dive into it and think deeply to analyze and understand details and learn more.

😇 Kindness - we are kind to others and ourselves. We respect others, their needs and different ways of communicating.


We are a fully remote and distributed project, with team and community members all over the globe. Because our team is fully distributed, some of our benefits may be different across the locations, but we strive for fairness and employee satisfaction everywhere!

💸 Compensation

Base salary: We follow the market to make sure our salaries are competitive and our employees fairly compensated for their knowledge and skills.

Ownership: We offer tokens as a company equity to incentivize the value employees bring to us by providing upside potential that grows with the company.

👩🏻‍⚕️Health Insurance

We offer comprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance so you are taken care of. Medical insurance is 100% paid by the company.

🖥️ Home Office Stipend

We offer a monthly $250 Co-working or Home Office Stipend so you can set up a productive working environment that works for you.

🏝️ Vacations and Holidays

We offer a flexible time-off policy and we encourage people to use it because your wellbeing is important to us.